About Quantexa

Quantexa was incorporated in March 2016, we recently hired our forty fifth employee and have operations in London, Brussels and Sydney. Our team includes experts with many years of experience in consultancy, data analytics, business information, software development and fraud and financial crime prevention.

We provide software that can help an organisation: resolve entities, build networks, score networks, visualise networks and data, as well as search it. Typical solutions we implement use large volumes of data and advanced analytical techniques to detect and alert on high risk activity, and provide clear interfaces to allow our clients to evaluate and act upon these alerts.

We utilise a combination of business consultancy, data science and computer science skills to cover the full lifecycle of implementing new systems in large organisations. Specifically, this involves:

  • Working with organisations to specify the requirements and scope for a new solution;
  • Producing prototypes and business cases to secure funding;
  • Creating our own reusable components which we use at multiple clients (our Intellectual Property);
  • Designing, building, testing and deploying systems;
  • Creating, optimising and improving the detection algorithms;
  • Supporting and extending the systems already in place.

Quantexa are looking for ‘big data’ specialists at all levels to help us develop and deploy solutions to fight fraud and financial crime within Financial Services and Government. You’d be working with a wide range of tools including emerging open-source tools such as Spark and Hadoop as well as traditional technologies. We’re looking for individuals who can provide input throughout the project lifecycle, from presales engagement, through to analysing data and assuring high quality implementations. Ability and willingness to pick up new methods and technologies is as important as existing industry knowledge.

Current openings